Dealing with Adware

Some have reported TEXT HOVER LINKS ADWARE on this site.

Text Enhance does not infect websites, Text Enhance infects individual users. If you see text advertisements on a website then you are infected, not the website. CLICK HERE for additional information. You may also install AdBlock Plus.
AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome
AdBlock Plus for Firefox
AdBlock Plus coming soon for Internet Explorer

In your browser go to Tools, then Options and find the AdBlock Extension
Within the AdBlock Options, next you will find a tab that says “Add Your Own Filters”
Copy and paste these two lines individually:

That should get you fixed

In Internet Explorer do the following:
Go to Internet Options
Select theSecurity tab and click Restricted sites
Internet Options Restrict Site IE
Click the “Sites” button and individually enter: and
Restrict Text Enhance Websites Internet Explorer